Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Home Lab & Automation Updates

Following up from my "Starting out with a home lab" article I've made some pretty nice updates to my home lab setup, and I've also got my Ansible playbooks up on GitHub now!

Starting out with the lab additions:

  • Gigabit internet (Cable, unfortunately) recently became available here, so I've now got a 1000/30 connection! Upload speeds are depressing, but still 3x the speed I had previously!
  • UniFi Dream Machine has taken over my network. This thing is literally stepping forward 15 years in terms of technology over what I was previously using...
  • UniFi NanoHD Access Point for improved network connectivity on the second floor of my house. Dramatic improvement in connection quality!
And perhaps most importantly, the whole layout is now more A E S T H E T I C...



Significant improvements all around!

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